What to expect:


Prior to entering the operating room, you will  meet one of our technicians.  They will introduce themselves to you and go over everything that is on this website.  They understand you will be nervous and will try to explain things in a suitable manner.  As they are talking to you, they will start placing the sensors on different parts of your arms, legs and head.  Nothing will happen at this point.  After you are fully anesthetized, we turn on our equipment and begin the monitoring. 

As the surgery progresses, the technician, who is in the room at all times, is in constant contact with the surgeon.  If they see an abnormality, they immediately verbalize it to the surgeon to reduce your risk of nerve damage and a bad outcome may be averted.

 During surgery, one of CNS neuromonitoring board certified physicians are overseeing the monitoring in real time.  We are able to connect to the computer in the operating room through a secure network connection  We are able to see exactly what the technician sees and discuss it immediately.

 When the surgery is completed and you awaken, all of our sensors have been removed.  We will type up a report, which will summarize everything we already verbalized to the surgeon, and hopefully you will be on your way to feeling better.

 We know that surgery is a tough decision and we take our job just as seriously.